Typology and Compatibility Algorithm  

Konveau's typology is based on the work of Carl Jung, and utilizes a personality model similar to popular assessments such as The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and Keirsey Temperament Sorter.  Konveau is uniquely designed to predict person to person compatibility in social settings, and our multi-factor algorithm uses personality, gender, interests, and profession to calculate your likely compatibility with other event attendees.



Managers are security seeking and strive for order and stability. They are traditional, status seeking, and are drawn toward membership in institutions and organizations. They are reliable, excellent managers of time and resources, and focus on fairness based on performance. Managers are 40% of the general population



People with the Explorer personality style are usually pleasure seeking and free-spirited.  They enjoy aesthetics such as good food and beauty, and enjoy thrill seeking activities.  .   They have an "by any means necessary" approach to accomplishing theirs goals,  and protect their freedom at all costs. Explorers are 35% of the population.  

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Inspirers strive on helping people reach their full potential. They are focused on personal, spiritual, and professional development. People of the Inspirer personality style tend to be very warm, supportive, and egalitarian.  Inspirers are 15% of the general population.

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People with the Analyst personality style are strategic and knowledge seeking.   They are spend significant time trying to figure out how things work, and how to make them more efficient.   They are even tempered, and very intentional in their use of speech and relationships.;   They are exacting when achieving their goals, and value competency above all else. Analysts are 10% of the population,.