A Unique Networking Experience Powered By The Konveau App

Event attendees can view profiles of each guest 24 hours before the event starts.    Whether your guest's networking goals are personal or professional, Konveau allows event attendees to develop a strategy for identifying people they'd like to meet.  Konveau allows your guests to connect with others in the following ways: 

personality picture.jpg


Every connection isn't a good connection. Konveau provides your guests with personality profiles for each attendee. Our compatibility algorithm also helps them identify which people they should connect with first. Konveau even provides your guests with personality based conversation starters.  


MEet Other Guests With Common INterests

Help you guests kill the small talk and get right into the conversation!  Instead of having your guests engage in minutes of meaningless conversation, Konveau allows them to see one another's interests and highlights the ones they share in common.   

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Connect with others based on their industry

Achieving business goals is the primary purpose of attending networking events.  Konveau allows your guests to see the profession of each attendee, so that they can make their professional networking experience more efficient.