Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Konveau and other event apps like Eventbrite?

Konveau uses personality science and common interests to help your guests make meaningful connections at your event.  Apps such as Eventbrite primarily focus on event logistics such as ticketing, guest lists, event marketing, and at the door sales. Eventbrite's core value is to organize events.  

In contrast, Konveau focuses on the interpersonal experience of your guests by giving them information that empowers them to approach others, and make long lasting connections.   Konveau has basic event management functionality, but it's core value is helping your guests connect with one another.  Both platforms can actually be used in tandem, and once you create your event you will be given recommendations on how to use Konveau with other event management platforms. We will also be offering Eventbrite integration in the near future.   


How does Konveau work?

When your guests create a Konveau profile, they'll be asked for basic background information such as interests, hometown, and industry.   They then take a short personality assessment.   Once users create their profiles they are then able to RSVP for events in the app.  When a user RSVPs for your event, a proprietary psychological algorithm is used to calculate their personality compatibility with other event registrants.   

Once your event starts, your guests will be available to view an attendee list that sorts your event registrants by how much they share in common with the user. Users can then view guest profiles which include personality descriptions, personality based conversation starters, interests, profession, and hometown.  Your guests can then use the information from the attendee profiles to identify and approach other guests  with whom they share personality compatibility and  common interests.   To create a Konveau account, click here.


What are the benefits of using Konveau?

A recent industry report by Guidebook stated that over 88% of event organizers list attendee experience as their most important success metric.   Konveau improves the event experience of your guests by empowering them to approach others and make meaningful connections at your events.   Those who choose the Konveau Professional or Conference event options also get the benefit of post event reports.  Reports include the personality type break down of your guests, and recommendations on how to use this information to improve your marketing communications with your audience.   The report will also give recommendations on how to improve the event experience of your guests based on the personality profile of your audience. 


Do I have to pay to use Konveau?

It is completely free to create a profile on Konveau, and to search for events to attend. Click here to create a profile.  After creating your profile go to "Find Events" in the navigation to find events you'd like to attend. You can also create events with up to 100 attendees for free. 

If you're organizing an event with more than 100 attendees and would like for your guests to use Konveau, please see our pricing.   


Is Konveau available for iOS and Android?

Konveau's beta version is a responsive web app, and is currently not available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Users can access the app by going to and logging in, or going directly to   Android and iOS versions of Konveau will be released in the first quarter of 2016.