PeopleHacking 101: Questions to Ask to Help You Guestimate a Person's Personality Type

 Looking to build a rapport with a potential client? Don't to know if you and your date are compatible?   Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could “hack “ into the personalities of people you meet? Well, thanks to Konveau now this is now possible. But what if you wanted to go "old school", and try to figure out the personalities of others on your own?

Make SMART Resolutions

January is popular time to set goals, aka New Year’s Resolutions. Goal-setting is incredibly important for any successful endeavor. The truth is, most successful people set goals and re-evaluate them much more frequently than once a year. They also make sure their goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Consider how you set your goals for your professional and social networking. Do your goals follow the SMART rules?